Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3060 of 21-08-2016)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 A play on words (7)
5 Conduct unusual in a Scot (7)ANAGRAM of IN A SCOT
9 He applauds the bellringer (7)
10 The talk of the district (7)
11 Dismal king in love (5)
12 Animals trained to work without worrying (9)
13 Withdraws with slight injuries (9)
15 In a crisis sympathy helps a weak person (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
16 Declares a piece of poetry lacks a point (5)
18 No friendly blaze to give soldiers a warm welcome (5,4)
21 Tim's eaten out in a French cafe (9)ANAGRAM of TIMS EATEN
24 It is well-used by desert travellers (5)
25 Great, but it went down disastrously (7)
26 See the bishop's concern (7)
27 Make converse? (7)
28 Tramples relative underfoot (7)

1 Not birds, they chirp and fly (7)
2 A player who'll perform for nothing (7)
3 Make up a part as something used experimentally (9)ANAGRAM of UP A PART AS
4 Gets paid in garden ornaments you say (5)
5 Letter-opener? (9)
6 Walk about a steamer (5)
7 Difficult individual turning sour (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of SOUR
8 Dispel all doubt that you'll pay up (7)
14 Loud clamour that may lead to some apprehension (3,3,3)
15 Tell people you've had enough, then keep quiet (3,2,4)
16 Broken treadle had a warning notice (7)ANAGRAM of TREADLE
17 New England domains (7)
19 How one may make progress on one's feet (7)
20 Sneer at produce from the orient (7)ANAGRAM of SNEER AT
22 Parent has no right to a house (5)
23 Diets must change with the times (5)ANAGRAM of DIETS
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