Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 2968 dated 21-12-2014 (Chennai)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Track an Afghan tribesman (6)
4.Test food in court (8)
9.Unusual goal concerning many (6)ANAGRAM of GOAL+RE for CONCERNING
10.Girl astride a stocky horse in 17th century style (8)
12. They employ various holds in their work (8)
13.Join a number in this place (6)
15.Fail to keep up a legend (4)
16.Foreign settlement (10)
19.A Dalmatian sweet (7,3)
20.Altogether it's sour, but one drop is sweet (4)
23.Choose one mother - its the best (6)
25.Scheme to amuse one's curiosity (8)
27.It sounds highly unnatural (8)
28.Tear in distress in one's eye (6)ANAGRAM of TEAR IN
29.Sweets said to be given as rewards (8)
30.Old man cracks a nut (6)ANAGRAM of OLD MAN

1.Various pages lead us to a famous horse (7)ANAGRAM of PAGES US
2.Addressing some criticism (7-2)
3.Rude sailor gets put right at sea (6)ANAGRAM of AB for SAILOR+PUT+R for RIGHT
5.Buck up at the back (4)
6.Somewhat coarse style in New York showbiz (8)
7.Relation of pleasant oriental content (5)
8.Some illumination provided in case (7)
11.I'm bored perhaps due to this (7)ANAGRAM of IM BORED
14.Stranded silver ring (7)
17.Noticing nothing unusual in disguise (9)ANAGRAM of NOTICING+O for NOTHING
18.Stock reaction to panic (8)
19.Showed no respect and ate greedily (7)
21.Strangely obstinate I'd heard (7)ANAGRAM of ID HEARD
22.Get a severe test for taking notes into exam (6)
24.Losses from strikes (5)
26.Request to remain true to type? (4)
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Created at 12.30 hrs IST on 21-12-2014 from Chennai

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