Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2947 dated 22-06-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.The attraction about a good man is brilliance (6)
4.examine the pay desk (8)
9.Nothing clear may come from this prophet (6)ANAGRAM of O for NOTHING+CLEAR
10.A heel may make an impression with the ladies (8)
12. Neat gash has no dirt in it (5-3)
13. Napping, the general is swallowed by a snake (6)
15.Falsified one's accounts (4)
16.Theymay keep viewers in the dark (10)
19.Spare site I developed for a food shop (10)ANAGRAM of SPARE SITE I
20.The speed of a flier (4)
23.Mace bearer? (6)
25.Prank ceased being funny when father came in (8)ANAGRAM of CEASED+PA for FATHER
27. Add one to a POW camp (8)
28.He's barely human (6)
29.Curtails the brigade's movements (8)ANAGRAM of RIGADES
30.It's written and enclosed (6)

1. Heraldic figure: one formerly seen in the fifties (7)
2.New Testament account (9)ANAGRAM of TESTAMENT
3.Give way concerning a fast time (6)
5.Has old-fashioned style (4)
6.The waste in fuel appears enormous (8)
7.true love can prove so extravagent (5)ANAGRAM of O for LOVE+TRUE
8.Store up trouble for travelling performers (7)ANAGRAM of STORE UP
11.They are bought and sold but not as presents (7)
14.Opposed to profit in a way (7)
17.Feeling a nose isn't well-shaped (9)ANAGRAM of A NOSE ISNT
18.A body-builder showing a heavenly body (8)
19.Dad holding a high card can solve all problems (7)
21.Lawrence has to walk round to be dealt with (7)
22.He failed to turn the tide of history (6)
24.Send money for a kitchen clock (5)
26.Payment before mountain ascent (4)
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Created at 12.30 hrs IST on 22-06-2014

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