Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Chennai (2921 dated 22-12-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Small gate with a keeper in attendance (6)
4.Friendly note in a message (8)
9.He's stupid in trying to open it without a key (6)
10.Compromise and put a stop to bad temper (8)
12. Mr. O'Crassey crashed in American plane (8)ANAGRAM of MR O CASSEY
13.A quick grasp of music (6)
15.Check a king, a German one (4)
16.Went and gave a sinister description (4-6)
19.Balances books without any profit (10)
20.Father caught in end of mattress springs (4)
23.Defame a large number and get into a row (6)
25.Sweet dog Bill Sikes owned (5-3)
27.A popular calling perhaps (8)
28.An even chance the matador will try to avoid (4-2)
29.Firm rule about the French salad (8)
30.Person who stoops to alcoholic excess (6)

1.Castle described in words (7)ANAGRAM of IN WORDS
2.It comes from Necca, this religious instruction (9)ANAGRAM of MECCA THIS
3.Game in the form of a puzzle (6)ANAGRAM of GAME IN
5.It may flow and sound like the sea (4)
6.When cutting it drives round the links (5,3)
7.He's endlessly resolved to leave a small place out (5)
8.Protected from shock but still broken-hearted (7)ANAGRAM of HEARTED
11.Quakers' companions (7)
14.One of two footholds on the mount (7)
17.Unhappy crowd indeed (9)
18.He made himself a butt of criticism (8)not solved
19.In a way Marconi was of Latin descent (7)ANAGRAM of MARCONI
21.Retired train-bearer (7)
22.retreat for a chap about fifty (6)
24.Native love call altered (5)CHRADE+ANAGRAM (O for LOVE+CALL)
26.She takes me up for mother (4)
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Created at 15.30 hrs IST on 22-12-2013

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