Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2934 of 23-03-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Stop being loyal (7)
5.Upset girl burst into tears (7)ANAGRAM of DI for GIRL+BURST
9.Being anxious in the saddle gets drunk (7)
10.Shy sect in trouble cuts down (7)ANAGRAM of SHY SECT
11.In a way quite small but totally delightful (5)
12.Stay to drink and drink (9)
13.With bowl manage to beg (9)
15.A wild shot but a fine musketeer (5)ANAGRAM of A SHOT
16.,German currency between banks (5)
18.Ships carrying the right pennants (9)
21.Put earth over the seed say - then pray (9)
24.With time a small work becomes a major work (5)
25.Moving home (7)
26.A tortuous swindler (7)
27.A doctor ruled out, his duplicity seen through? (7)ANAGRAM of RULED+MB for DOCTOR
28. Revised tale with a revolutionary ending (7)ANAGRAM of TALE+RED for REVOLUTIONARY

1.Imprisons and reduces to silence (5,2)
2.Old Greek hunter is made to work to a great age (7)
3.I get tea on free treat (9)ANAGRAM of I GET TEA ON
4.Can't bear inordinate haste (5)ANAGRAM of HASTE
5. Paper said to come out and fade away (3,6)ANAGRAM of PAPER SAID
6.Verbal approval (3-2)
7.Remove all traces (7)
8.Way out writers in French restaurants (7)
14.Caught sight of rescinded order (9)ANAGRAM of RESCINDED
15.A nuclear physicist who does dissecting? (9)
16. It is run on American lines (7)
17.One kept in during school interval (7)
19.He may give a seat to someone standing (7)
20.Marked cards shuffled with hesitation (7)ANAGRAM of CARDS+ER for HESITATION
22.Festivity involves five in a lively dance (5)
23.Spare one of the crowd (5)
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