Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2895 of 23-06-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.In high spirits, because of full pay settlement (7)ANAGRAM of PAY FULL
5.Provides cover when nurse is out (7)ANAGRAM of NURSE IS
9.The show that may make one gasp about a period of history (7)
10.Small bird needs tail bent when in bed (4,3)CHARADE+ANAGRAM (COT for BED+TAIL)
11.Round gold coin (5)
12.Resembles a slum site perhaps (9)ANAGRAM of A SLUM SITE
13.Not at all simple to work out in detail (9)
15.Club porter (5)
16.Turn up with mother's cats (5)
18.A blow in an attempt to achieve parity (3,3,3)
21.Scrap areas where ships are built in Hong Kong (9)
24.Cat required, there are quite a few in the pound (5)
25.Moorland? (7)
26.Ambitious to lead (2-5)
27.Simple type, but he shows skill in bridge (7)
28. Fresh letters of support (7)ANAGRAM of LETTERS

1.The child of a brave father (7)
2.Garble a translation dealing with unknowns (7)ANAGRAM of GARBLE A
3.They are not all vulgar (9)
4.Plant that means a great deal to us (5)
5.Lying man (9)
6.Good man totally stable (5)
7.Went round to put a chap's name on the list (7)
8.Stays if made contenr (7)ANAGRAM of STAYS IF
14.PM comes out of No.Ten for a break (9)ANAGRAM of NO TEN FOR A
15.Drink bought in bars (9)
16.A set of bed-clothes(7)
17.Junior accountant's holiday spot (7)
19.An outside line to ring (7)
20.Its user may have to step on it to get through his work (7)
22.It needs a wind before it can move (5)
23.Spectacle in which a bull appears (5)
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