Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (3008 of 23-08-2015) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Peerhaps he's right to gamble and drink (7)
5.Main fighting atrea for a pilot (7)
9.Gather that the boxer is slightly ahead (5,2)
10.Called for as arranged (7)
11.Put down a pound stake (5)
12.See Carol's recipe for a cooked fish (9)ANAGRAM of SEE CAROLS
13.What harsh judges do to make greater effort (3,6)
15.We set about the final course (5)ANAGRAM of WE SET
16.Police chase ends in the wood (5)
18.It's immoral to make money on a game (9)
21.Hope's fled for the pound (9)ANAGRAM of HOPES FLED
24.She brings endless anguish to a male (5)
25.Introduces gradually in new listds (7)ANAGRAM of IN LISTS
26.A gentle eccentric - so refined (7)ANAGRAM of A GENTLE
27.Remarkably one lady is on time (2,5)ANAGRAM of ONE LADY
28.Compensates with cosmetics (5,2)

1.He waits for a job (7)
2.Uniformly gusty with change of direction (7)
3.Dead balmy perhaps and poorly turned out (5,4)ANAGRAM of DEAD BALMY
4.Subject of a Canaletto picture (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
5.Mated after upset and produced a hybrid (9)
6.Nuclear force? (5)
7.Will find postal order in one's wallet (7)
8.I'd set it out in the neatest form (7)ANAGRAM of ID SET IT
14.Builds you a structure in an imprecise way (9)ANAGRAM of BUILDS YOU
15.In the main it's a disaster (9)
16.When marked down it's not cheap (7)
17.Forced into service when one was short of time (7)
19.They may have nights on the tiles (7)Not solved
20.Without brakes? Without brakes? (7)
22.A number after a new hip flask (5)
23.Vision of the armed revolutioary (5)ANAGRAM of ARMED
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