Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2917 dated 24-11-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Temptress finally put on figure-hugging garment (6)
4.Even agitato passage may be so written (8)
9.Number of the French in uniform (6)
10.Pot or tin basin broken (8)
12.Flat delivery in an even pitch (8)
13.Keep a pupil in class (6)
15.Noticed to be seven minus five (4)
16.One seen in a hanging basket (10)
19.Successfully concluded business in a taciturn manner (8,2)
20.Revise some taped items (4)
23.Diana's month of consternation (6)
25.Problem of pain (8)
27.It's blown up if dental treatment is required (8)
28.A new stage setting may need them (6)
29.Picture taken by a sniper perhaps (8)
30.Sadie's upset by such remarks (6)

1.It keeps warm, butleaves me short-changed (7)
2.Judo enthusiast about town? (9)
3.Not a musical score (6)
5.Ring a friend from the jewellers (4)
6.Confine Brown without leave to military HQ (8)
7.Boast about hand-made footwear (5)
8.Leave the pudding, it's said (7)
11.A driven out intruder (7)
14.It turns a man blue or egg white (7)
17.Draw attention to article pocketed by accused (9)
18.Unfortunately Don's away at the moment (8)
19.They have evil ends in films (7)
21.Keyless locks (7)
22.Sayings of modern times (6)
24.A capital seat I snuggle into (5)
26.He is brave, so was she (4)Not solved
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Created at 13.30 hrs IST on 24-11-2013

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