Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3230 dated 24-11-2019 (Chennai)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Half of Iran converted into oil (6)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of INTO
4 Withdraws from an agreement in which officers are involved (5,3)ANAGRAM of OFFICERS
9 Income tax return? (6)
10 He won't go out with his mates (8)
12 Match money playing dice (8)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of DICE
13 A drink for the man at the door (6)
15 Side of fresh meat (4)ANAGRAM of MEAT
16 Hinted about a spiteful woman being involved (10)
19 Pretty useless? (10)
20 Their quarters are combed for food (4)
23 Big fellows I beat in the backstreet (6)
25 Capital required for large bed, perhaps (8)ANAGRAM of LARGE BED
27 Gets up, but it involves a scramble (8)ANAGRAM of SCRAMBLE
28 Cold tart (6)
29 Having had a rise, a man goes on holiday (8)
30 There's no disputing it's a form of deadly sin (6)

1 Almost a month before a bed bears fruit (7)
2 See 17
3 Announcement to put up in a French resort (6)
5 Bread bowl (4)
6 Intrude by chance or accident (8)ANAGRAM of CHANCE OR
7 Small hooter (5)
8 Imagined a number over five hundred (7)
11 Very hard worker supports a mother (7)
14 Happy and relaxed after a record rise (7)
17 And 2 Down: Few were victorious in this (3,6,2,7)
18 The morning help is easily won over (8)
19 Topical version relating to what may be seen (7)ANAGRAM of TOPICAL
21 Like sheep are in a shed (7)ANAGRAM of SHED ARE
22 An egg I scrambled, obviously not new laid (6)ANAGRAM of A EGG I
24 Top gear selected by a duchess, perhaps (5)
26 Available if the price is about right (4)
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Created at 17.30 hrs IST on 24-11-2019 from Chennai

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