Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3139 of 25-02-2018)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Greek character possibly seen as oriental (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of SEEN
5 Outsider - a good steeple-chaser? (7)
9 'Pass him anyway' How accidents are caused (7)ANAGRAM of PASS HIM
10 Heraldic figure, one formerly seen in the fifties (7)
11 A doctor goes round the French scene of massacre (5)
12 Rouse the fiery Celt perhaps (9)ANAGRAM of FIERY CELT
13 French summit conference (4-1-4)
15 The going rate for methedrine (5)
16 Prepare to whistle for one's money (5)
18 They lived so happily in fair tales (5,4)
21 Most agree it could be an eyesore (9)ANAGRAM of MOST AGREE
24 Cottons on and leers crudely (5)ANAGRAM of LEERS
25 New Orleans is in Italy (7)ANAGRAM of ORLEANS
26 A driven out intruder (7)ANAGRAM of A DRIVEN
27 It could restore respect for a belief in ghosts (7)ANAGRAM of RESPECT
28 They have titles within their grasp (7)

1 Anything but widespread agreement (7)
2 A second coffee maybe (7)
3 Very detailed though it may appear to be a real tangle (9)ANAGRAM of TO BE A REAL
4 Follow directions girl (5)
5 It's a point of view (9)
6 Craft about to capsize (1-4)
7 Refuse to take a drop (7)
8 Passed on a message concerning new delay (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of DELAY
14 Conductor who may be elected or otherwise (9)ANAGRAM of ELECTED OR
15 What is entailed in the main journey (3,6)
16 Horsefly? (7)
17 Decide to separate (7)
19 A down-trodden machine worker (7)
20 JArranged rosters for holiday perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of ROSTERS
22 Be entitled to credit (5)
23 A point in affluent German kingdom (5)
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Created at 10.00 hrs IST on 25-02-2018 from Bangalore

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