THE SUNDAY TIMES OF INDIA, CHENNAI SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3217 of 25-08-2019)Fillable and with solution)

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1 Ball game lost by the witless (7)
5 Iron sort of cup (7)
9 Rubbish collector (7)
10 A lot more complicated musical effect (7)ANAGRAM of A LOT MORE
11 It's a mistake to be led astray with gold (5)
12 Accommodation for one's retirement (6,3)
13 I can't mess around with the meanings of words (9)ANAGRAM of I CANT MESS
15 Facilitated a seed's germination (5)ANAGRAM of A SEED
16 Cast required for play, perhaps (5)
18 His bank account is often misleading (9)
21 Right out at sea (9)
24 Return a first-rate piece of bone (5)
25 Persons in Italian society breaking the rules (7)
26 End of clues or anagram (7)ANAGRAM of CLUES ORE
27 Uncle on about an atomic particle (7)ANAGRAM of UNCLE ON
28 It comes last, locked in reverse (7)

1 Infuriates with fresh demands (7)ANAGRAM of DEMANDS
2 Stand for the speaker (7)
3 It has misleading passages (9)
4 It can be a source of pain when the sun is up (5)ANAGRAM of SUN IS
5 New assistant for the devilwoshippers (9)ANAGRAM of ASSISTANT
6 Thought lunch starter would be perfect (5)
7 Figure the mob rush out to see (7)ANAGRAM of MOB RUSH
8 Gave someone a pointed reminder? (7)
14 Result of a big blow to the economy? (9)
15 Ballots to silence discord (9)ANAGRAM of TO SILENCE
16 They deliver MP’s note perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of MPS NOTE
17 The jam-making trade? (7)
19 Revolutionary type of public legislation (3,4)
20 Certainly it’s not far eastern in origin (7)ANAGRAM of EASTERN
22 Went to pieces when penniless (5)
23 Took a chance and got the chop (5)
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