Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3011 dated 25-10-2015 (Chennai)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Second best part in a hilarious performance (6)
4. When the beach is mainly covered (4,4)
9.Open an eye? (6)
10.No townsperson has beer after 6.50 (8)
12. Expedition to the French metropolis goes round a river (8)
13. Get up for wild dances (6)ANAGRAM of DANCES
15.It's the wrong way to save time (4)
16.In which the reserves run out (6,4)
19.Paperhanger who mails his account (10)
20.Where the workers may strike to make less money (4)
23.Ca[pacity to get on after bitterness (6)
25.Fruit and nuts from wastelands around the South (8)
27.But a tired-looking old carpet may not (4,1,3)
28.Lean spinner is first-class (3-3)
29.Gave up and went to bed (6,2)
30.Order still from a photographer? (4,2)

1.South African custom of course (7)
2.Trial from which the public is excluded (9)
3. Foreign affairs? (6)
5.A bit of an eye for a girl (4)
6. It's incined to be low when troubles intervene (8)
7.One loses one's head when in a corner (5)
8. A noble estate (7)
11.A non-drinker he is at heart an unbeliever (7)
14.Old were badly let down (7)ANAGRAM of OLD WERE
17.Travelled overseas to get home (9)
18.Unusually apt due to being right in fashion (2,2,4)ANAGRAM of APT DUE TO
19.Close-up of nobility (3,4)
21.Throw crockery at drunk (7)
22.Mixture I smoke is one from Greenland (6)ANAGRAM of I SMOKE
24. Wild revel in the bar (5)ANAGRAM of REVEL
26.Its driver has a duty to take one (4)
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Created at 07.30 hrs IST on 25-10-2015 from Chennai

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