Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3087 dated 26-02-2017 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Badly engineered attempt to smuggle in rum (6)
4 Group of men in pursuit of a male (5,3)
9 Motherly type (6)
10 Cause of cracks that may bring down the house (8)Not solved
12 Choose a road leading to ready-to-eat food (4,4)
13 Doesn't sound it but it's hot (6)
15 Mother gets about on a horse (4)
16 Calling for a military take-over (10)
19 Forgiveness for a second-rate answer (10)
20 Tighten the spring, it's a means of propulsion (4)
23 Washington perhaps gives me back about 25 (6)
25 Game that may leave one cold (8)
27 Divorced ladies to be treated differently (8)ANAGRAM of LADIES TO
28 The clergy have point in dress (6)
29 Suggestive of European river ebbing fast (8)
30 He's stupid in trying to open it without a key (6)

1 Where man cuts adrift (7)ANAGRAM of MAN CUTS
2 Fringes for old-fashioned garments (9)
3 Number of towns in South Africa (6)
5 Eye-catching gadget (4)
6 Show foresight before deciding which school to select (3,5)
7 Calm retort (5)
8 Rigidity of stone in construction (7)ANAGRAM of STONE IN
11 Shortage means I'm included in pay cut possibly (7)ANAGRAM of I PAY CUT
14 It's unusual of us to write reports not based on fact (7)Not solved
17 Meat dish rises with cooking (5,4)ANAGRAM of RISES WITH
18 Co-operate in production of drama and dance (4,4)
19 Studio that is later converted (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of LATER
21 Do some analytical piecework (7)
22 I follow uncle around the centres (6)ANAGRAM of I UNCLE
24 Round hole egg-shaped (5)
26 Aim at the middle-point (4)
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Created at 06.30 hrs IST on 26-02-2017 from Bangalore

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