Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 2986 dated 26-04-2015 (Chennai)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Vessel holding medicine for upsets (6)
4.Telescope for a secret agent on a schooner maybe (8)
9.A crawler in school (6)
10.Believe gold might satisfy him (8)
12. Dallying perhaps with one's affections (8)
13.The sage expresses nothing unusually clear (6)ANAGRAM of O for NOTHING+CLEAR
15.Nearly dark but not quite (4)
16.Study offers of rivals (10)
19.Assembly part male in composition (10)ANAGRAM of PART MALE IN
20.The poker players' boss (4)
23.Went by like the buck (6)
25.Achievement sure to be written about in papers (8)ANAGRAM of FEAT for ACHIEVEMENT+SURE
27.It's heard after the raid that nobody is found guilty (3,5)
28.Criticise a mother in straw hat (6)
29.Working to make some dough (8)
30.Way in which a girl is taken by a man (6)

1.Strengthen dispute in Japanese currency (7)
2.Fashionable trendy encountered on a cricket field (9)
3.Turn up but pass up tea break (6)ANAGRAM of COL for PASS+TEA
5.For knitters the alternative is plain (4)
6.Biblical swine are eager and wild (8)ANAGRAM of EAGER AND
7.Fantastic trick I can't contrive (5)ANAGRAM of I CANT
8.Checks for security guards (7)
11.Tells how pupils are organised (7)
14.Midget performed acrobatics (7)
17.Possibly treat nine to dinner (9)ANAGRAM of TREAT NINE
18.Defamed beauty breaks cover (8)
19.Some cheering at this address (3,4)
21.The padre is sunk in gloom (7)ANAGRAM of PADRE IS
22.A sweet's made up in layers (6)
24.Loves an anagram to work out (5)ANAGRAM of LOVES
26.It develops in the East and breaks round the West (4)ANAGRAM of AND+W for WEST
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Created at 09.00 hrs IST on 26-04-2015 from Chennai

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