Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (3052 of 26-06-2016)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Strange charm thsat is pure fantasy (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of CHARM
5 Caricature in strip (4,3)
9 Profit from a charity performance (7)
10 Here to put on a show (7)
11 The words of a song Cyril ruined (5)ANAGRAM of CYRIL
12 Token of sincerity - and nervousness (9)
13 Princess, poet or chemist (9)
15 Get involved with an intermediary (5)ANAGRAM of GET AN
16 What I'm called when I do it all wrong (5)ANAGRAM of I DO IT
18 Old-timer (9)
21 Fifty percent sound fed up with the reduced fare (4,5)
24 Standing order from crete (5)ANAGRAM of CRETE
25 A little chicken in port perhaps? (7)
26 Take a liberty (7)
27 Passed on a message concerning new delay (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of DELAY
28 Fresh red rose at the back of the altar (7)ANAGRAM of RED ROSE

1 Patched up - like some old streets (7)
2 Gives no consideration (7)
3 In effect I turn out to be capable (9)ANAGRAM of IN EFFECT I
4 In all honesty it should be seen, not heard (5)
5 Game plaved when leaving paltry gratuities (3-3-3)
6 They go under water and come up glossy (5)
7 Perform in the theatre? (7)
8 Examine after an attack - expected to survive (7)
14 Tunes said to be played non-stop (9)ANAGRAM of TUNES SAID
15 His attitude is deliberately offensive (9)
16 Those who shffer from the cold may sniff at it (7)
17 Is afflicted with broken leg contrary to law (7)
19 Third man had a way with Heloise (7)
20 They pose easy questions (7)
22 Lad about to return stolen property (5)
23 Gloomy depression is beginning to lift (5)
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