Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 2965 dated 26-10-2014 (Bangalore) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Periodical survey of the past (6)
4.Interferes and is turned out (8)ANAGRAM of IS TURNED
9.Job centre cuts out slumps (6)
10.Used to speak highly of latest fashion (8)ANAGRAM of OF LATEST
12. Oriental ball (8)
13.He may make a score or interpret one (6)
15.Part of the carcase the lion chewed up (4)ANAGRAM of LION
16.It causes rough weather and loss of trade (10)
19.Fatted calf was just the ticket for prodigal son (6,4)
20.As a container it can't be beaten (4)
23.Run out of crates (6)ANAGRAM of CRATES
25.I am conclusively shown to be better (8)
27.Unfortunately I'd a purse lifted (8)ANAGRAM of ID A PURSE
28.The buck stops here (6)
29.Become embittered and go off (4,4)
30.Let eva twirl in the dance (6)ANAGRAM of EVA LET

1.One with rooted objections to the status quo (7)
2.He bows both during and after his recital (9)
3.Discovery means plea is changed (6)ANAGRAM of PLEA IS
5.Arkwright's lack of response in the surgery (4)
6.Not still lacking support (8)
7.Sailor's musical box (5)
8.New apron's about right to be worn in Scotland (7)ANAGRAM of APRONS+R for RIGHT
11.Send up - from the runway (4,3)
14.Old warship with three sets of propellers (7)
17.River seen swirling backwards (2,7)ANAGRAM of RIVER SEEN
18.New pointers to finding essential dietary items (8)ANAGRAM of POINTERS
19.Check votes again in detail (7)
21.She may sing well and moan badly (7)ANAGRAM of AND MOAN
22.Elaborate point to make a speech about (6)
24.Fear head chopped off in mistake (5)
26.Be a socially acceptable lover (4)
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Created at 10.30 hrs IST on 26-10-2014 from Bangalore

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