Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2939 dated 27-04-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Crafty sort of shelter for troops (6)
4.All told, twice (3,5)
9.Affected a stylish writing (6)
10.The Utopian has his own collection of ideas (8)
12. Made a comeback and was elected (8)
13.Good man in a new role looking after horses (6)ANAGRAM of ST for GOOD MAN+ROLE
15.Boy of note (4)
16.East caught in wild hailstorm - it's about temperature (10)ANAGRAM of E for EAST+HAILSTORM
19.Pull leg about being in bed , that's untidy (10)ANAGRAM of DRAG for PULL+LEG BED
20.Game suitable for women (4)
23.Work's returning, employ a partner (6)
25.A body-builder or a space traveller (8)
27.Edward being in poor health is unsuitable (8)
28.Knock everybody out (6)
29.Hills split internally by floods (8)
30.He arranges the grave stone to be arranged about ten (6)ANAGRAM of STONE+X for TEN

1.Unusually rum code of behaviour (7)ANAGRAM of RUM CODE
2.Dog finally had puppies - that's splendid (9)
3.They will put you in your place (6)
5.Free from any sound of noise pollution (4)
6.Picture a conveyance (8)
7.Hearing a noisy neighbour could be one (5)
8.Fired with real reform and no exaggeration? (3-4)ANAGRAM of LIT for FIRED+REAL
11.A communication you'll understand when you get it (7)
14.His mate turns with disbelief (7)ANAGRAM of HIS MATE
17.One way follows another for a churchman (9)
18.Test cas involving a recorder maybe (8)ANAGRAM of TEST CASE
19.Maybe taken for Garibaldi (7)
21.Fish with a pin perhaps (7)
22.One insect let out another (6)ANAGRAM of BEE for INSECT+LET
24.Bid for a chest without top (5)
26.Trial sample (4)
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Created at 16.30 hrs IST on 27-04-2014

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