Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2952 of 27-07-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Yet it doesn't usually contain mother's ruin (7)ANAGRAM of MOTHERS
5.It puts us in the shade naturally (7)
9.Woken in so rude a fashion (7)ANAGRAM of SO RUDE A
10.Followed a man round the bar (7)
11.He tangles with cop, that will mean time (5)ANAGRAM of HE COP
12.What a pop singer hopes to achieve for himself (6,3)
13.There's worse to come out of this (6,3)
15.They may be powder or cream (5)
16.Use a divine gift to find water (5)
18.Understanding lot of people (9)
21.Keep away from the reggae set (9)ANAGRAM of REGGAE SET
24.Get used to being in old city quarter (5)
25.Girl meets a chap and starts talking tough (7)
26.Spanish guards of honour (7)Not solved
27.Amusing article includes lots about novelist (7)ANAGRAM of LOTS and TOY for AMUSING ARTICLE
28. Takes strong objection to marriage of Ted and Tess (7)ANAGRAM of TED TESS

1.One of many carried by the caddy (3,4)
2.What's needed by firm in money trouble (7)ANAGRAM of CO for FIRM+MONEY
3.Accident, get mechanics around (9)ANAGRAM of MECHANICS
4.Litter of battle (5)
5. Tim's eaten out in French cafe (9)ANAGRAM of TIMS EATEN
6.The French hail and farewell (5)
7.Don't push on, yet achieve one's end (4,3)
8.Not interrupted without purpose (7)
14.Show time in the butler's room (9)
15.Quiet occupant of the chair (9)
16. Independent air of Ned's cat perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of NEDS CAT
17.Bird dog will do it when happy (7)
19.Lizards using a double disguise (7)
20.Change gears, points and lubricants (7)ANAGRAM of GEARS+ES for POINTS
22.An outdated law to be precise (5)
23.Concluded that many are in dire need (5)ANAGRAM of D for MANY+NEED
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