Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3135 of 28-01-2018)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Word for word (7)
5 Refuse to go down (7)
9 Where lots go despite rising prices (7)
10 Sport for boarders at the seaside (7)
11 Scene of combat a long time back (5)
12 Lively car Muriel ordered (9)ANAGRAM of CAR MURIEL
13 Bok of numbers (9)
15 Bulb that's switched lit up (5)ANAGRAM of LIT UO
16 Order a form (5)
18 Accelerators or chokes (9)
21 A very low storey may cause humiliation (9)
24 Speak well of previously backward lot (5)
25 Put a chit in for wine (7)ANAGRAM of A CHIT IN
26 Notice a wild flower (7)ANAGRAM of NOTICE A
27 Maybe Lister had a point making things so (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of LISTER
28 Contemporary gift (7)

1 Main drawback away from the land (7)
2 Central rule can be broken (7)ANAGRAM of RULE CAN
3 Offensive people in inns cause trouble (9)ANAGRAM of INNS CAUSE
4 Reflective note (5)
5 Killer craft
6 Isle of some historic or future importance (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
7 What's in a name? This for a start (7)
8 As a hot drink it takes some beating (3,4)
14 Hung up perhaps when using the telephone (2,3,4)
15 Name part (5,4)
16 Takes a risk with the odds (7)
17 Greed for caviare spread (7)ANAGRAM of CAVIARE
19 Type of window in the French upper room (7)
20 Entails conspicuous change (5)ANAGRAM of ENTAILS
22 It's bit of rotten nuidance, having nothing to do (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
23 Vessel for man always on the move (5)
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