THE SUNDAY TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3213 of 28-07-2019)Fillable and with solution)

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1 A sweet shade of brown (7)
5 Tackle some vote- manipulating (7)
9 Approvaland praise in the orchestra section (7)
10 Quieten a girl on an Irish river (7)
11 Pole on the run (5)
12 Proposes someone from Minnesota (9)ANAGRAM of MINNESOTA
13 It gives out when pressed in wrongly (9)ANAGRAM of PRESSED IN
15 Jousting records (5)
16 Study I'm making of fabric (5)
18 Those on it will need dough (9)
21 Air T-shirt incorrectly and this could result (9)ANAGRAM of ART T-SHIRT
24 Ocean liner? (5)
25 Drag man out to see an aged parent (7)ANAGRAM of DRAG MAN
26 Heather is about to put back amorous literature (7)
27 There's first aid for a girl (7)
28 Oriental with earnest resolve (7)ANAGRAM of EARNEST

1 Frolicked about, showing scarlet undergannent (7)
2 Such excuses annoy senoras (7)ANAGRAM of SENORAS
3 The farthest one may be from a bank (9)
4 Language of a quarter of Parisians (5)
5 Musical females (4-5)
6 It may be used to measure a diamond in a ring perhaps (5)ANAGRAM of A RING
7 Fires badly singe it (7)ANAGRAM of SINGE IT
8 Book production (7)
14 Start a bus under repair - they're lying underneath (9)ANAGRAM of STRT A BUS
15 I leave ridiculous organisation; it's farcical (9)ANAGRAM of RIDCULOUS - RIDICULOUS from which I is deleted
16 Drink to give usthe shivers? (7)
17 Chemical container sent up with speed (7)
19 One drink swallowed by Miss West in picture (7)
20 Aren't in order to go by rail (7)ANAGRAM of ARENT IN
22 The hump in the middle of bridges (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
23 Cultivated Scandinavian (5)
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