Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 2956 dated 28-09-2014 (Chennai) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Mass-produced legislation (3,3)
4.Guard ordered in breached line (8)ANAGRAM of SENT for ORDERED+LINE
9.Awful barney not far away (6)ANAGRAM of BARNEY
10.Royal estates (8)
12. Not to be taken as shy (8)
13.Something in it may occur in a landman's view (6)
15.Not the sole scoundrel (4)
16.It costs nothing to try (4,6)
19.Large air intake (4,6)
20.Record that may slip (4)
23.Spent two notes at the entrtainment (6)
25.This ruler won't give an inch (8)
27.Turn buns when cooked and well-browned (8)ANAGRAM of TURN BUNS
28.Proceeds to answer (6)
29.Do without and give to others (8)
30.He remains in the running for a long time (6)

1.Not a subject put on in advance (7)
2.Club about to give female support (9)
3.The gold glow of chestnut (6)
5.Leave without a thing (4)
6.Contest in which the winners pull away (3-2-3)
7.One chap comes up holding a ring for a girl (5)
8.Turn up the gas in a way making an Italian dish (7)
11.Listen to a number cheer (7)
14.Some for sure (7)
17.To indicate what one should do is a job for the police (5,4)
18.Busts are developed but not easily perceived (8)ANAGRAM of BUSTS ARE
19.Put into gear (7)
21.Disorderly crooner in court (7)ANAGRAM of CROONER
22.Take the stand at a trial (6)
24.A book-end (5)
26.Where lies our responsibility (4)
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Created at 10.30 hrs IST on 28-09-2014

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