Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3083 dated 29-01-2017 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 State benefit is about right (6)
4 Flag ship rounds end of pier (8)
9 Classified as fourth rate (6)
10 Study to invite scorn (8)
12 Fit as a lithe cat might be (8)ANAGRAM of LITHE CAT
13 It's mad to be found in the thick of things (6)ANAGRAM of ITS MAD
15 Sound vision required by a city developer (4)
16 Safety rail adapted for the nursery (5,5)ANAGRAM of SAFETY RAIL
19 Monday's issue is said to be so attractive (4,2,4)
20 They may part with a smile (4)
23 In fact it's about a friend (6)
25 Send St.Martin the wrong way (8)ANAGRAM of ST MARTIN
27 Grannies making money (8)ANAGRAM of GRANNIES
28 Radiator in form Three A (6)ANAGRAM of THREE A
29 Not so anxious since replacement's arrived (8)
30 Blunders on stage (6)

1 Hounds fang has potential to disfigure (7)ANAGRAM of FANG HAS
2 People eat it past eight perhaps (9)ANAGRAM of PAST EIGHT
3 How one danced when not quite sober (6)
5 Blow up and down (4)
6 I'm engaged in property valuation (8)
7 Words not said to express mean point about me (5)
8 Turns to stare about (7)ANAGRAM of TO STARE
11 An animal unlikely to be overlooked (7)
14 Obtain professional treatment (7)
17 It's a recurring theme in German opera (9)
18 A heater repaired for Alice (4,4)ANAGRAM of FOR ALICE
19 Dread going round the globe and therefore don't (7)
21 Scornful criticisms from a sister (7)ANAGRAM of A SISTER
22 Girl has the French rising temper (6)
24 A danger out east at this time of the year (5)
26 A monster spiller of gore (4)ANAGRAM of GORE
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Created at 06.15 hrs IST on 29-01-2017 from Bangalore

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