Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (2943 of 29-06-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Trendy goods not to be ordered presumably (2,5)
5.One of the toasts that may be offered with a meal (7)
9.A labour activity in father's day (7)
10.Remedy found in no way strange (7)
11.Exercise sequence (5)
12.Ground and house might be theirs (9)
13.One who may be troubled by heat burns (9)ANAGRAM of HEAT BURNS
15.Lettuce at back-street prices (5)
16.Thrills footballers may get on the field (5)
18.Munitions produced by man and master (9)ANAGRAM of MAN MASTER
21.A shaver of today - or tomorrow (9)
24.A trio breaks up a relationship (5)ANAGRAM of A TRIO
25.Seat of Empire (7)
26.No gentleman loses his life on the golf course (7)
27.Former spouse called agitated (7)
28. Promises to uncle perhaps (7)

1.imputes false motive (7)ANAGRAM of IMPUTES
2.Keep us up to the mark (7)
3.Poor relations living in China for example (9)ANAGRAM of RELATIONS
4.Use two joints on Sunday (5)
5. Problem - study a French instrument (9)
6.Form of louse with wings (5)ANAGRAM of LOUSE
7.New roster around October first for bullfighters (7)ANAGRAM of ROSTER+O for OCTOBER FIRST
8.Retribution seems in order (7)ANAGRAM of SEEMS IN
14.Neared the position to be encouraged (9)ANAGRAM of NEARED THE
15.Scotsman goes up to join university (9)
16. Butler's narrow point of view? (7)
17.Stinging bill rises and is cut perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of CA for BILL RISING+IS CUT
19.Love with no object (7)
20.Work's rising, employs partners (7)
22.Complete set of notes (5)
23.Accountant taken by traveller's summary (5)
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