Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3122 of 29-10-2017)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Current optical disorder (7)ANAGRAM of OPTICAL
5 Re-dials correctly or gets off the line (7)ANAGRAM of REDIALS
9 Robin we snap with a box camera (7)ANAGRAM of ROBIN WE
10 A lover - married unfortunately (7)ANAGRAM of MARRIED
11 Nothing disturbs bees like being overweight (5)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of BEES
12 State employment (9)
13 It's essential if you want to speak French (2,7)
15 Refuse to get thin (5)
16 Looks at the pages being turned (5)ANAGRAM of PAGES
18 A dramatic broadcast (5,4)
21 Shouts and upsets the hosts (9)ANAGRAM of SHOUTS AND
24 Miss Garbo was unusually great (5)ANAGRAM of GREAT
25 Saw dog's name inside lead (7)
26 Fabulous supporter of royalty (7)
27 The charge initially incurred by you for treatment (7)
28 Put down in the correct order (7)

1 A newspaper gives it a bold presentation (7)ANAGRAM of IT A BOLD
2 Daring type of blazer? (7)
3 Comes together to study the boundaries (9)
4 Foreigners lack initial rights (5)
5 Trade died perhaps if workers were so weary (4,5)ANAGRAM of TRADE DIED
6 Dance and a drink to uplift the sailor (5)
7 Is run out after batting had collapsed (2,5)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of IS RUN
8 Odd way to over the hills (7)
14 He has a short -service commission (6,3)
15 A show of hands too soon or too late (5,4)
16 Deteriorate and become a drug-taker (2,2,3)
17 Seek an engagement - or work in plain language (7)
19 It makes one wild what people do when they retire (3,4)
20 Longed for time to take up study? (7)
22 Woman graduate who appeared to Solomon (5)
23 A bad time to sell wild plums (5)ANAGRAM of PLUMS
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