THE SUNDAY TIMES OF INDIA, CHENNAI SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3235 of 29-12-2019)Fillable and with solution)

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1 Honourable post? (7)
5 Sailor friend to a nephew of Abraham (7)
9 It brings new life to a play, for example (7)
10 It’s no joke being sober (7)ANAGRAM of IN REGAL
11 Don’t declare - stick (5)
12 Outdated local measure (4,2,3)
13 Strides in to be upset by obscenity (9)ANAGRAM of STRIDES IN
15 A fateful day for military assistants (5)
16 Thread rope through some of the centre evenly (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
18 Lip lines once in fashion (9)ANAGRAM of LINES ONCE
21 Junior laymen in the church? (9)
24 Go round in high circles (5)
25 Italian who composed a quartet in valid style (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of VALID
26 Dog cart? (7)
27 It’s essential to reform a cad and a liar (7)ANAGRAM of CAD LIAR
28 Cut some grain in an outhouse (7)

1 Sort of bounder lacking rich investments (7)ANAGRAM of BOUNDER
2 A hot-rod driver? (7)
3 Sent to prison, but not at once (5,4)
4 Match label (5)
5 Suspects water vapour causes oxidation (9)
6 Roots develop into a trunk (5)ANAGRAM of ROOTS
7 Old rate of exchange is tight on one (7)ANAGRAM of OLD RATE
8 They’re prepared to hang (7)
14 A leader of opinion (9)
15 Musketeer’s call for a non-share policy? (3,3,3)
16 Make a successful comeback as an upholstering firm will do? (7)
17 Having developed, went round topless! (7)
19 Vague redhead unable to reform (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of UNABLE
20 Went in for tree chopping in the end (7)ANAGRAM of TREE END
22 Some vestige of sanctity? (5)
23 Expresses regret for glue that’s weak, we hear (5)
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