CRYPTIC CROSSWORD FROM THE TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE (3096 of 30-04-2017)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Seaman is first to dishonour forbear (7)
5 River starts to reveal mostly building block material (7)
9 Life is this kind of show we're told in song (7)
10 Malicious statement about dubiously manly copper (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of MANLY
11 An association match (5)
12 The written accompaniment to a popular trio (9)Not solved
13 Strangely a time Noah exhibits religious insanity (9)ANAGRAM of A TIME NOAH
15 A subject of the Medicis (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
16 It signifies a capacious measure (5)
18 Shun rift as being repugnant (9)
21 Switched code later moved to new position (9)ANAGRAM of CODE LATER
24 Flew from hearing following complaint of birds (5)
25 Three letters said to be for a Turkish address (7)
26 Recurring complaint received from marsh-dwellers (7)
27 Matter of burning interest you'll hear on record (4,3)
28 Fire after having moved swiftly to make thorough search (7)

1 Worth an explanation (7)
2 Go down with the reserve team? (7)
3 Involving organic modus operandi to do with scientific farming (9)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of ORGANIC
4 Written down as being of importance (5)
5 Two creatures combined to make one household pest (9)
6 Republic that features in informal talks (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
7 A language of love? (7)
8 Hot stuff for a penal settlement (7)
14 Imminent object of a narrow victory (4,5)
15 Girl almost under black stuff gets waterproofed fabric (9)
16 A cut priced restaurant service (7)
17 Kind of look that comes from an evil eye (7)
19 Desert region of Red Sea border it reaches (7)CONTAINED INSIDE
20 Squashed ant tick with short nail (7)ANAGRAM of ANT TICK
22 French channel for shipping (5)
23 Take exception to losing point of modest manner (5)
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