Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2891 dated 30-06-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Brave uncle (6)
4.Such a player is presumably not equipped for the top (8)
9.Was abusive, yet guarded (6)
10.A method of analysing stone (8)Not solved
12.Complete unit composed of large tin (8)ANAGRAM of LARGE TIN
13.Irregular forces decoration (6)ANAGRAM of FORCES
15.He's very stupid to continue (4)
16.Impressive result of adding hundreds of dollars? (5,5)
19.Union regulator (10)
20.Professional on a sailing vessel (4)
23Almost ready to include me in the cure (6)
25.Seat breaks with danger to star (8)ANAGRAM+CHARADE (SEAT+4-letter synonym for DANGER
27.It's no way to be put out (8)
28.Two companies joining together on a silk product (6)
29.Entrance qualification in Yale? (8)
30.It's built as an ocean container (6)

1.Splitting hairs in divorce (7)
2.Wait outside Ascot for a change of clothing (9)ANAGRAM of WAIT ASCOT
3.Come out East and join up (6)
5.He floated a company using a double entry system (4)
6.Correct for a clergyman to foot the bill (8)
7.They may be driven to support things (5)
8.Plunder piled so haphazardly (7)ANAGRAM of PILED SO
11.Just means a stretch of cut turf (7)
14.It's use in a low church service certainly would (7)
17.Area in which great fear holds it over your head (9)
18.One whom Nebuchadnezzar fired settled for hard cash(8)ANAGRAM of HARD CASH
19.He wrote poetry, an amazing thing to hear (7)
21.Look this way with suspicion (7)
22.One can't go straight ahead and make it (6)
24.usical composition from more remote times (5)
26.Came out top (4)ANAGRAM of CAME
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Created at 10.30 hrs IST on 30-06-2013

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