Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Mumbai (3070 of 30-10-2016) (No papers in Bangalore due to holiday for Deepawali)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 River crossed by burning bridges (7)
5 Observe and record movement of a warship (7)
9 Attack by a saint about one who became one (7)
10 Can turn on speed to make the land more productive (7)
11 Credit is tied up we're told (5)
12 Detestable hotel - so am changing (9)ANAGRAM of HOTEL SO AM
13 Action to be taken about land that's depreciated (9)
15 Multiple occasions (5)
16 Dignified way to help (5)
18 Wild eglantine is not cultivated (9)ANAGRAM of EGLANTINE
21 Exhausted, didn't work, dismissed (6,3)
24 There may be a few (5)ANAGRAM of THERE
25 Girl in love we disconcert (7)
26 Changes in it are due to inactivity (7)ANAGRAM of IN IT ARE
27 Revolutionary developments in naval fire-power (7)
28 Stays if made content (7)ANAGRAM of STAYS IF

1 Cooked the turkey with dates or mince (7)ANAGRAM of DATES OR
2 May be taken for Garibaldi (7)
3 Awfully curt cad or knave perhaps (5,4)ANAGRAM of CURT CAD OR
4 Place of birth (5)
5 Knock around with a chap with a title (9)
6 Nick s not going to church (5)
7 A place to drink or eat out when he is away from home (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of OR EAT
8 Jackets for hippies (7)
14 She may suit you (9)
15 Well, no one wants it (9)
16 Stay second (7)
17 Unpaid companion in a biblical city (7)
19 New area to decline after rising charges (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of AREA
20 Pray the change will do you good (7)ANAGRAM of PRAY THE
22 Point to eradicate or delete (5)
23 Nothing dropped by political party, hence taxes (5)
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Created at 07.30 hrs IST on 30-10-2016 from Bangalore

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