Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2970 of 30-11-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Sirius makes shadows on pitch (3,4)
5.They must have been given credit for something (7)
9.Song that once charmed Ulysses (7)
10.Dubious character (7)
11.She'll show anger with heartless nurse (5)
12.Vessels often crossing the bar (9)
13.Father of the power station? (9)
15.This by itself indicates equality (5)
16.Just as normal as rain (5)
18.Ballots to silence discord (9)ANAGRAM of TO SILENCE
21.Refused it anyway having had more than enough (9)ANAGRAM of REFUSED IT
24.We are kept away from home in it (5)
25.Cotton on a reel is in a tangle (7)ANAGRAM of A REEL IS
26.An enthusiast to get on and flourish (7)
27.One constituent of fire may be oxygen for example (7)
28. Always set out for the highest peak (7)ANAGRAM of EVER for ALWAYS+SET

1.Avoiding taking the plunge (7)
2.The craft with which Spain built up her empire (7)
3.Ordered to respect something extremely private (3,6)ANAGRAM of TO RESPECT
4.They grow down from the torso (5)ANAGRAM of TORSO
5. Pay cashier (9)
6.graduates thus as a singer (5)
7.One's naughty spirit as an individual (7)
8.Stays if made content (7)ANAGRAM of STAYS IF
14.Dealing with management (9)
15.Ample opportunity? Not a bit of it (3,6)
16.About to get a meal before husband (7)
17.Refuse to dress on time (7)
19.To argue can cause offence (7)ANAGRAM of TO ARGUE
20.Able to pay for a form of abuse (7)
22.Pick scrabble tile E (5)ANAGRAM of TILE E
23.He wrote of French opposition (5)
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