Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3031 dated 31-01-2016 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Firm support for item of office equipment (6)
4 Short skirt pretty girl's about to make shorter (8)
9 Mince pie to include a drug (6)ANAGRAM of PIE TO A
10 Instrument puts old man in confusion (8)ANAGRAM of OLD MAN IN
12 Sergeant out to part friends (8)ANAGRAM of SERGEANT
13 The artist's sitting room (6)
15 Wharf ripe for demolition (4)ANAGRAM of RIPE
16 Much better so enjoying more popularity (4,4,2)
19 Making out being shrewd (10)
20 Aide contrived a plan (4)ANAGRAM of AIDE
23 It introduces a wrong denial (4-2)ANAGRAM of NAILED
25 Needed 24 sheets in colour (8)
27 Deadly feud conducted with relative bitterness (8)
28 French girl in some trouble (6)ANAGRAM of IN SOME
29 Fantasic oriental story (8)ANAGRAM of ORIENTAL
30 A note sent out by representatives (6)A+G for NOTE+ANAGRAM of SENT

1 Big shot in the film worls (5-2)
2 Trying to write with such a pencil would be (9)
3 Catch in Antwerp on the loose without wife (6)ANAGRAM of ANTERP (ANTWERP from which W for WIFE is deleted)
5 Inordinately vain man who had a terrible reputation (4)ANAGRAM of VAIN
6 Let India be prepared with all the facts (2,6)ANAGRAM of LET INDIA
7 I'd acted as a guide yet didn't do any work (5)
8 Distribute information for the press (4-3)
11 Placed on guard when stranded (7)ANAGRAM of ON GUARD
14 Wander heading Middle East instead of West (7)
17 Duck below the quilt (9)
18 During break call up mom (8)
19 Free to make a speech (7)
21 Speak to direct (7)
22 Water tower includes a receptacle for pipes (6)
24 Abolish article from a year-book (5)
26 German king, non-drinker in spectacles (4)
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Created at 06.30 hrs IST on 31-01-2016 from Bangalore

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