Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3196 dated 31-03-2019 (Chennai)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Leave alight (3,3)
4 Can keep going (8)
9 It's very hot when it is clear on the hill (6)
10 Without doubt a photofinish (8)
12 Business expence has gone up (8)
13 Cut by a quarter? That's serious (6)
15 You used to be grand (4)
16 They make one admission after another (10)
19 Is hesitant when perplexed? Quite contrary (10)ANAGRAM of IS HESITANT
20 Like one on a large piece of land (4)
23 I creep around being useful to the cook (6)ANAGRAM of I CREEP
25 It is inclined to keep out of the way when troubles intervene (8)
27 Perhaps he is link in foreign capital (8)ANAGRAM of HE IS LINK
28 A three-dimensional feature of much of our reading (6)
29 One obtaining pleasure in stages (8)
30 Holiday bay (6)

1 Go away and become disorientated (3,4)
2 Dismissed from the jockey club> (6,3)
3 They involve a shift in one's beliefs (6)ANAGRAM of A SHIFT
5 Measure up a door (4)ANAGRAM of DOOR
6 Lets it break to a point that could be lethal (8)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of LETS IT
7 Produce straight lines, say (5)
8 Level betting include the French teams (7)
11 Kissed perhaps, the usual start between girl and boy (7)
14 Having poor taste (7)
17 With us details can produce weariness (9)ANAGRAM of US DETAILS
18 Checking the filling (8)
19 But for inflation it would never have gone up (7)
21 Never seeming to get older or younger (7)
22 Retreat for a chap about fifty (6)
24 She gets letters from Alice (5)ANAGRAM of ALICE
26 An island heaven it's said (4)
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