Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3131 dated 31-12-2017 (Chennai)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Don't accept that it ought to be thrown away (6)
4 Trained cadet due to change (8)ANAGRAM of CADET DUE
9 It's extremely small and in favour of putting on weight (6)
10 League match (8)
12 Try on the river for work (8)
13 Partly concoct a volume having a certain page size (6)
15 Prepare to publish some unrevised items (4)
16 I'm sorry for refusing to acknowledge the error of my ways (10)
19 How to learn to dance by stages (4,2,4)
20 Space to turn around and berth (4)
23 Holiday break for Teresa (6)ANAGRAM of TERESA
25 What retiring swains are incapable for making (8)
27 Break one's nose perhaps (8)
28 A girl distributes medals (6)ANAGRAM of MEDALS
29 Found to have arrived (6,2)
30 Gets up about mid-morning and washes (6)

1 A loathsome creature - repel it perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of REPEL IT
2 Inflowing currency (5,4)
3 Works up to employ a partner (6)
5 He could be told, but probably wouldn't understand (4)
6 Toast a double feature (4-4)
7 Give thanks, taking in some Russian girl (5)
8 Unusually tedious, is forgotten (4,3)ANAGRAM of TEDIOUS
11 My word (7)
14 Acts as executor. Many teachers want to (7)
17 Acts in a dispiriting way (9)
18 Though he's not there, he's proverbially conspicuous (8)
19 Old-fashioned pop is her best composition (7)ANAGRAM of HER BEST
21 Consequences of Ulster's troubles (7)ANAGRAM of ULSTERS
22 Journey to the game (6)
24 Simple but revealing (5)
26 Choice of dishes may be set out on it (4)
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Created at 12.00 hrs IST on 31-12-2017 from Chennai

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