The Kamarkattu story in Kannan's (Narasimhan) own words

"One vendor used to sell "Kamarkattu" sweets (small balls made of coconut and jaggery) for one paisa each, which quite a few class mates of mine used to buy, chew and enjoy. I was escorting my sister Chooda to the school and she was always a quiet, disciplined type. She expressed a desire one day to taste "Kamarkattu". For us, pocket money was an unknown commodity. Our mother was very strict with us and would never allow us to buy anything on our own. She had kept 2 annas on the shelf to buy firewood which was the only fuel those days, as gas was unknown (It being war time, even kerosene was just not available in the market). I quietly pinched those 2 annas, bought a liberal supply of Kamarkattu, gave half of the share to my sister and ate away the other half ! Chooda too enjoyed it and this could be seen from the traces of its juice all over her face and clothes ! The mess that we had made of it did not escape my mother's notice ! When she asked Chooda for the source of what she ate she quietly pointed her fingers towards me ! My mother had already observed that her 2 annas were missing. She put two and two together and immediately concluded that I was the culprit. I got such a scolding on that day that I could never venture to take anything out from the house without my mother's knowledge. She had kept us firmly under her thumb, but later she was very liberal in her approach towards the younger children."

EXtract from Early Days - 1 written by Kannan (Narasimhan) in December 2003 for Family Newsletter