The Nava (nine) Thirupatis (Divyadesams) form part of the 18 in Pandya Kingdom. King "Kari Maran" ruled the country, "Thiruvazhuthi Valanadu" housing the Nava Thirupathis. These 9 holy places are situated on a circular route on both sides of the holy river "Tamira Parani", The Nava (9) Tirupatis are

Tholaivillimangalam (Twin temples)

Alwar Thirunagari houses the Lord "Adi Nathan (moolavar) and "Polindu Nindra Piran" (Utsavar). In this temple Swami Nammalvar did penance inside the trunk of a tamrind tree (it is still available). The Lords of Nava Tirupathi temples came and gave darshan to Nammalvar in his Yogadasa. Even to-day, on the 5th day of Vaikasi Utsavam (to celebrate the awataram of Nammalvar (star Visakam) the Lords of Nava Tirupati arrive at Alwar Thirunagari to give darshan to Nammalvar and in turn receive the sweet outpourings (divya prabhandam) of Sri Nammalvar. Sri Madurakavi Alwar (the one for whom "Nammalwar" is the number one relinguishing the lord himself to the second place) prays and praises Swami Nammalwar. All the nine Lords appear on the Garuda Vahana while Nammalwar adorns the Golden Hamsa (Swan) Vahanam and Sri Madurakavi Alwar follows in the "Paranki Chair". It is a great sight which all must aspire to see at least once. The Nava Tirupathis have been renovated with great care and sincerity. Arrangements have also been made for regular poojas. The temples can be visited nowadays thanks to the great services being rendered by Indian Culture and Heritage Trust.

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