Gopalan was the most brilliant of the five children of Shri C.Srinivasan and Kamala Srinivasan. His sudden death in September 2004 was a great shock for all of us. The issue dated October 2004 of the family e-Newsletter was dedicated to his memory. There were four articles in this issue on Gopalan. All the four articles are reproduced here.

I am also reproducing here the condolence mssages received by me by email.

Dear Partha
It is a great shock and hard to believe that Gopalan anna is no longer with us. Vijaya akka, Mohan, Usha and the other members of the family must be in great shock. As I have been travelling interstate very often, Chandra tried to call your home number a few times and then spoke with my brother and asked him convey her condolences to you.
Affly yours

I just heard about this from Appa and was very shocked and saddened. To me, this comes as totally unexpected. Thanks to your party, I got to meet him on January 8th. My sense of loss is amplified due to your newsletter, where he contributed, and thus I got to know him a little more. I am glad that we all got to read his thinking. I liked the fact that he opened up his life when he wrote.

Please pass on my regards to Mohan and Usha.


Dear Athimber,
I read your mail while travelling and sent a reply to Mohan (he has sent an acknowledgement back). It is really a shocking development. We were all getting to know Mr. Gopalan so much more through his very interesting/confessional style. I was particularly looking forward to this edition where we was going to write about weight loss methods. I hope he had the opportunity to finish it. He will be missed very much in your newsletters.

Losing ones brother must be a very difficult thing. Especially, when he was so actively involved in your Newsletter issues. But you introduced him to all of us in the family by publishing his articles and conveying to him all the reader responses. Through this, you have given him lots of happiness and contentment in his retired life. I am sure he will thank you for that.

Again, I am very sorry to hear about this. May his soul rest in peace. Please do keep publishing his articles periodically, so we can all fondly remember him.

dear athimber
i am extremely sorry to hear about the sudden passing away of ur brother. It is very sad that a person who was so jovial should have such a sudden end... Kindly accept my condolences to u and all members of your family.


I head this news first through Shoba and It was so shocking and sad for everyone... Our heartiest condolences to everyone in Late Shri Goplans family...


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