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The Family Newsletter was first published in December 2000 from Mumbai. The Newsletter had completed nine and half years and 58 issues till July 2010 before I decided to take a break. The break was longer than I intended. But glad to be back. The Newsletter's primary target audience was and is the 60-strong members of Srinivasan-Kamala and Ranganathan-Jayalakshmi families. But only a few of these generally respond which demotivated me. Of course I have received feedback from quite a few outside these families. So I hope to bring out the newsletter more often in future without bothering about how many respond. - Parthasarathy, 20th January 2017

Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce the 59th issue of the family Newsletter. As everybody reads a lot of forwarded items in WhatsApp on their phones, I have decided to discontinue the section 'From The Net'. All the others are there in this issue. Let me briefly recapitulate important events in the family between 2010 and 2016 that I attended. The most important events were Nithya's wedding with Vasanth in Kanchipuram in June 2011 and Srisudan's wedding with Ramya in July 2013. Vijaya's 70th birthday was a grand social event in Yelagiri while Kannan (Adyar)'s 80th birthday was a grand socio-religious celebration in Kumbakonam. There were a few other get-togethers - start of Kannan's 80th birthday, Kannan's (T.Nagar) 75th birthday, Rajeevi's, Rukku's and Pushpa's 70th birthdays, Amritha's 60th birthday, Kausalya's 60th birthday, Harish's Sudarshana Homam in his flat in Bangalore, Mukund/Jagan's Grihapravesam, Picnic organised by Raghu to Mahabalipuram, Raghu's Grihapravesam in Kanchipuram, Urmila/Radha's Grihapravesam and little Dhanya's (Srisudan-Ramya's daughter) Ayushhomam. Kannan (T.Nagar) and Santhanam celebrated the renovation of their houses. There were also homams/Vedaparayanam in Usha's, Mohan's and Urmila's homes.


Photo at Mohan's (my brother's son) wedding.
Family photo at Raghu;s (my brother-in-law) wedding.

One of the abiding memories of my mother-in-law (Jayalaksmi Ranganathan) is her love for Mail, our family card game. Here is a video of her playing mail with the four of us (Amritha, Harish, Aarthi & I). This was uploaded by me in youtube in 2006.
Link to the Newsletter of April 2002 which contained Tribute to my father-in-law (T.Ranganathan)


*** NO. 2 IN THE WORLD - What is common between Parthasarathy (yours truly) and P.V.Sindhu? Both came Second in a world-wide event. Of course she sweated and I didn't. An addiction I have which is not much known is for Spider Solitaire and other card games on my laptop. Ever since I installed Windows10 in June 2015, I play Microsoft Solitaire Collection daily. It consists of 5 games (Klondike, Spider, Freecell, Pyramid and Tripeaks). Each game has 4 levels (Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert). For the first time, Microsoft is organising Worldwide Events in which so far (till 20th Jan.) 33 events have taken place. Each event has 10 to 30 games depending on the level of difficulty. So far I have completed all games except one and have finished in top 100 in all the events. I finished in top 10 seven times with the best rank being No. 2. In every event over 200000 participants from all over the world take part. At my age I think I am entitled to be proud about this performance. My name given by Microsoft is RegentalFob63. A snapshot of my profile in the event is here.

Click on photo to enlarge

*** Bhakti, Music & Nostalgia - Our twenty days in Chennai were packed from early morning to night. We would get up at 4.30 AM (except on New year's Day when it was 4.00 AM and Vaikunta Ekadasi Day when it was 3.00 AM) and be in the temple for Dhanur Masa Puja from 5.45. We would come home by 7.15 and after Sudoku-X and scanning the papers (Amritha would be busy making lunch and dinner after solving Sudoku-X), we would have our lunch by 10.30 and rush to Mylapore for 2 or 3 concerts (After 2 days we restricted ourselves to 2 concerts). We would be back home for dinner. Even while at home, we were listening to concerts on radio/TV or laptop. Chooda was there with us on most days. It was heartening to see Rahul regularly in the hall. In all we listened to 26 concerts in Dec./Jan and 7 in November. It is good to see a lot of young talent. Sriranjani Santanagopalan, Nisha Rajagopal, Thrichur Brothers, Abhishek Raghuram, Sikkil Gurucharan and Balamuralikrishna are already well-recognised. Bharati Ramasubban, Cuddalore Janani, Savita Sriram, Vidya Kalyanaraman, Vasudha Ravi, Archana & Aarathi, Brinda Manickavasagam, Kruthi Bhatt, Amritha Murali, Amrutha Venkatesh and Aishwarya Vidya Raghunath among ladies and Vignesh Ishwar, Sandeep Narayan, Swarna Rethas, G.Ravi Kiran, Ramakrishnan Murthy, Bharath Sundar, Prasanna Venkataraman, Ashwath Narayanan, Akshay Padmanabhan, Aditya Prakash, Ritwik Raja, T.N.S.Krishna & Vishnudev Nambudri among men are making waves. A good percentage of these musicians are NRIs. But the best concert we heard in the 20 days was by a slightly older musician - Sumitra Vasudev. You can listen to her by clicking on this link. 7th and 8th January were Nostalgia time. We had the Golden Jubilee Reunion of our college classmates. On the first day we (97 classmates including 12 from USA) met in the college premises. There wasn't much difficulty in recognising people as we had met earlier after 25 and 40 years. There were cocktails in the night at Alumni Club which I did not attend. The second day was in Raintree Hotel. It was excellent and the organising committee had done a very commendable job. The goodies (T-shirt, an individualised plaque, a personalised coffee mug with our photos in 1967, 1992, 2007 & 2017) were also very well thought out. Overall we came away from the hotel with nice feelings. Some photos are here.

Click on each photo to enlarge

Click on each photo to enlarge

*** SHUBHA GROWS UP How time flies! I feel it was just a few months back that Shubha was a toddler struggling to form words. She is now a 9-year old. She has won a few prizes in school including elocution. She is a confident speaker with a gift for memory. Here are a few photos - the first is in Express Avenue Mall in Chennai in October 2016 and the rest are on her birthday in November 2016. The birthday was in Kaggadaspura where Harish, Archana & Shubha have moved. Shubha has a lot of friends of her age for company in the colony.

Click on each photo to enlarge

Click on each photo to enlarge

*** AARTHI HAS COMPANY Aarthi has formed a design company with one of her friends called Falana Damna Films. In the Family Members' Section of the Newsletter, you can read about her Royal Existentials. She is also part of Kadak Collective, which consists of eight women in India and Europe (and now the U.S.A.) who came together to shed light on issues close to their hearts through graphic storytelling. This colective took part in East LondonComic Arts Festival. Click here to read about Kadak Collective She is very busy with her work and with her travels.

*** In 2016, Urmila, Radha and my uncle/aunt (Ranga mama/Lakshmi mami) have moved into our old house in Vedachala Gardens after demolishing it and building four flats. The flats have been done up very well. 2016 also saw Ravi's 60th birthday in a grand manner. A few photos are here. Urmila's younger son Naren who was in Kyderabad has joined Zomato in Chennai. Radha's daughter Srinidhi has joined NIFT (National Institute of Fashion technology), Chennai after a creditable performance in the 12th and in the Entrance exam.

Click on each photo to enlarge

Click on each photo to enlarge

*** Vijaya's family of 7 are in 5 houses in 4 continents. She and Murali (and Sandy) are in Kempapura, Bangalore. Her son Mohan and Geetha are in J.P.Nagar, Bngalore. Her daughter Usha is in Amsterdam on an assignment till end of February 2017. Usha/Murali's daughter, Deepti, is in Fremont, California working with Lam Research Corporation. Mohan/Geetha's son is in Sydney, Australia in the final year of his management course. Mohan and Geetha are ardent Vaishnavites and have completed one round of all the 106 Divya Desam temples located in India and Nepal. With their wide-ranging visits all over the world and weekly visits to Vishnu temples, they are perhaps the most active couple in the family. Amritha and I had joined them to Muktinath.

*** Raghu (my brother) is now in Brussels (to be with Srisudan, Ramya & little Dhanya). Dhanya turns 2 soon. Here are some photos of the Ayushhomam on her first birhday. He was in Singapore earlier (to be with Srivatsan & family). Kalyani had been to Brussels earlier. For the first time in over 30 years, Raghu has missed his annual Makara Jyoti trip to Sabarimalai. But Kalyani made it without fail. Sriram (their second son) bought a flat in Selaiyur. His wife Sowmya completed her M.Com in 2015 after 12 years of marriage, which is a commendable achievement.

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*** Kannan (T.Nagar) moved to the re-built flat in Saeangapani street which is very nice. Prasad & Rupal had been to India recently. Prasad was welcomed to Chennai with floods in 2015 and cyclone in 2016. Mukund, Prema, Keshav and Shriya were there for Keshav's Upanayanam. Keshav and Shriya are attending a number of classes including Carnatic music. Here's a video of them singing Carnatic music in our house at Arumbakkam. Jagan's twin love - Co-optex and Carnatic music keeps him very busy.

*** Chooda's love for Carnatic music has not been affected by age. She attended concerts almost every day in the music season and we attended a lot of concerts together. Kannan (Adyar) is busy at 81 managing a school and as an active member of the Besant Nagar Beach 'Young' Men's Association. Sudarshan has fully recovered and I hope he will start contributing to the Newsletter. Newsletter wishes all the best to Neha who is appearing in the 12th standard Board exams. Namita is a good keyboard player and plays in all family get-togethers.

*** Rukku's grandson Aditya passed 12th with flying colours and will be an engineer soon with interest in Robotics. Geetha has won laurels as office-bearer in Bangalore Chapter of CMA (Cost & Management Accountants). Madhu is happy that he had quit a corporate job to take up teaching as a career.

*** Pushpa and her husband's life for the last few years in one line is இந்திய நாடாறுமாதம் அமெரிக்க நாடாறுமாதம். they returned to India in October 2016 and are planning their next trip. Sriram and Keshav are also attending a lot of classes keeping Shoba and Anand busy.

*** Santhanam returned to Chennai in 2012 after his retirement from Central Administrative Tribunal, Hyderabad. He is still active with some assignments. Kausalya joined C.P.Ramaswamy Aiyar Centre as Curator after retiring from The Hindu. She periodically organises interesting events, some of which we were able to attend. Radhika is with The Hindu as a journalist. Rahul left Edinburgh and is now with Oxford University as Professor of Computer Science. His interests in his own words are - Computational complexity, algorithms and bounded rationality. An added interest for the last two years is Carnatic music. I do think he may publish a paper on Computational complexity bounded rationality in Carnatic music.

*** Raghu and Chandra have moved from Sydney to Kanchipuram where they have built a nice house. They spend about nine months in Kanchipuram and the balance in Sydney. With their travels and other activities, they are easily the second most active couple in the family. Vidya has moved to Can Berra and has a nice flat there about which Chandra said, 'வீடைப் பார்த்து நான் ப்ரமிச்சுட்டேன்.' Nitya and Vasanth are in Sydney.

*** Hema had her retirement at 59 (her father had given her date of birth 13 months ahead). After retirement, she has moved to the ground floor of Raghu's house in Kanchipuram. She is also extremely busy like Raghu/Chandra. In addition to visits, she is also studying for her degree in Vaishnavism. She got excellent marks in her exams. She is now in the final year of her degree course.

You can read the rest of the Newsletter which is in 3 sections, Family Members' Pages which has articles by or about family members. Editor's Pages has a Sudoku - X puzzle, which is a challenging version of Sudoku. It also has a fillable cryptic crossword puzzle , Quiz and Cryptoquip. Tamil Section has four interesting articles by popular Tamil bloggers in the Net.

The next issue (60th) will be published in April 2017. 61st issue planned for July 2017 will be about my father-in-law, whose centenary is in that month. Please enjoy the Newsletter and send your feedback to Bye.

22nd January 2017

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